Chinese herbal medicine is a major part of TCM system. Although acupuncture is more known to the west, Chinese herbal medicine is now quickly become one of the most popular and effective treatment modalities for many modern chronic illnesses.

Why Chinese herbal medicine is so special?
Because Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed based on a comprehensive TCM diagnosis; and it is highly individualized. The prescription often consists of a group of herbs called "formula". It is synergetically combined to create a ¡°team work" to correct a fundamental imbalance or an acute condition. Herbs are combined to enhance the effectiveness and to reduce side effects.

The forms of Chinese herbal medicine may consists of

Decoction - a liquid form, prepared by boiling selected herbs. With this form, formula can be easily modified;

Concentrated granule - a powdered form, concentrated through spray-dry of boiled herbal liquid. The powder can be taken with water like tea, or taken in capsule form;
Patent pill form - there are hundreds of classical or modern formulas that have been tested and proven to be effective through time and research. When used correctly, those pills can be convenient and cost effective.

Modification of herbal formula is expected especially at the first few weeks of starting herbal treatment, so that the formula can best fit the individual condition.